• Proven experience building and supporting reliable and performant planet-scale services
  • Six years of professional software engineering experience
  • Expert in C++, C, Linux, PHP, and JavaScript
  • Fluent in Rust, Go, Python, Java, SQL, and Redis
  • Open source contributions to Qt, Gentoo Linux, and the Linux kernel

Work Experience

Google Cloud Storage - SRE Tech Lead

  • Provide ongoing technical leadership and coaching for a team of 6
  • Lead efforts in customer request flows, stack simplification, and performance & reliability
  • Improved rollback time for certain types of rollouts by a factor of 60
  • Implemented improved rollout automation which reduces toil and improves safety

Space Dynamics Laboratory - SWE

  • Created features for and maintained a suite of radar image processing applications in C++
  • Fixed many complex concurrency and distributed processing bugs

Avenue Consultants - SWE

  • Created a web-app used regularly to invoice multi-million dollar engineering projects (PHP and JavaScript, 150 KLOC)

TechniScan Medical Systems - Systems Administrator

  • Reverse-engineered binaries to recreate lost source code, and maintained applications written in C++, C, and Fortran

Side Projects

  • pwm - Command-line password manager
  • euler - Optimized algorithms / solutions to ProjectEuler.net problems
  • qompose - A minimalist programmer's text editor
  • spectr - An audio spectrogram visualizer


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

  • Excelled in elective mathematics courses including linear algebra, number theory, and abstract algebra
  • Excelled in challenging computer science courses on compilers, formal languages, and protocol analysis

Contact Me

I love hearing about exciting new opportunities! The best way to get in touch is via e-mail: [email protected].